Welcome to Mommaste!!

My name is Katie. I am the founder of Mommaste, which is a lifestyle blog that celebrates motherhood, health, and southern living. I live in Alabama. When most people think of Alabama they either think “redneck” or “football”. I am here to show you there is a lot more to Alabama than that. It wasn’t named “Alabama the Beautiful” for nothing!

I am a single mother of two. Motherhood is full of surprises! You can read every help book out there but until you actually become a mother yourself, you realize you mostly are winging it. Being a mother is the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I have ever done. I am here to share my ups & downs, the “pretty” and the “what the ****’s!”

Mommaste is a lifestyle blog that covers motherhood, healthy living, recipes, fashion, beauty, and all the things in life worth loving.