Hi! I’m Katie Westover.

I started this blog for fun! I am hoping to help others and grow this into something bigger than just a blog. I am a single mother of two. I work two jobs, while also caring for my mother who is fighting stage IV colon cancer. I am 31 years old. I recently received my bachelors degree in Human Development. I love people, I love helping others, and I really do honestly enjoy all that life brings. I want to help others live in the moment, and not let the past or future control your daily life. Life is so much easier when you just take a deep breath and let what comes come and what goes, go. I love fashion. I design swimwear in my free time. I love yoga. I try to work that into my schedule daily. I also love everything outdoors. Living in Alabama is a blessing. We are so close to everything, and after traveling through-out most of the states, I now understand why Alabama is called, “Alabama the Beautiful”, because it truly is! I hope you enjoy my blog! You can contact me at mommasteyoga (at) gmail (dot) com.